Nightly news, 12 Oct 2012

JD flies back today


  • Fix for issue with boolean auto-predicate when used in an Any call(details)

Web Workbench

  • Add option for hiding Setup Compass Project menu item

NHibernate Designer

  • Fixes for designer functionality under Visual Studio 2012

WPF Elements

  • Added DataGrid Expand and Collapse methods for controlling hierarchical items.
  • Added “can change expanded state” logic for hierarchical DataGrid items.
  • Double clicking a row will toggle the hierarchical expanded state if applicable.
  • Resolved a binding issue in the Alloy and AlloyLight DataGrid themes.
  • Resolved a bug when trying to sort an empty data grid.
  • Added DataGrid component resource key called ExpanderToggleButtonStyleKey.
  • Resolved a DataGrid DisplayMemberBinding issue
  • Resolved a bug when double clicking a row that has no hierarchical children.

Metro Elements

  • Added Tile Grid control
  • Misc fixes for existing controls

As usual the free editions of the nightly builds are available right now from the downloads page, and the full editions from the store.

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