Announcing error handling just got awesome!

I’m excited to announced a new product coming from Mindscape soon:

What is Raygun?

Raygun is a simple (read: take 2 minutes to setup) error collection, reporting and management service. At present it supports .NET and JavaScript but over the coming weeks will support many more languages and platforms (iOS, Android, Rails etc). When an unhandled (or handled if you want to report it) exception occurs, it gets published securely to Raygun.

You can login, view exceptions in your application, promote them into your own ticketing system, choose to ignore them, mark them as resolved and more. Of course we know a lot of folks manage more than one application so there’s a unified dashboard to track multiple applications at once and trend analysis of your applications health.

Here’s a very preliminary application shot (subject to a lot of change):

What makes Raygun valuable?

All software has bugs. The common experience we see is that either exceptions are ignored or a developer might have unhandled exceptions emailed to themselves. Even in the best of situations, this doesn’t scale:

  • The developer gets used to seeing innocent errors and doesn’t notice when the occassional serious error goes by.
  • The developer moves on to another company. Nobody sees the error messages anymore.
  • There’s little or no visibility of issues in an application to anybody else on the team.
  • It’s difficult to identify trends in application health from an inbox full of emails.

You should never under estimate the impact of the bugs in your applications:

  • If you make money from your software then you could be losing money, never a good thing!
  • A bad first impression can put new users off using your software.
  • If the application is mission critical… the mission may go critical if an error is ignored! Nobody wants to be in the news for a software bug that went unnoticed!

We’d love to have you on board

Raygun is currently in early beta. We’ve setup a site to take interested parties on board slowly. We’d love to have you on board soon — the sooner you sign up the sooner we can send you a beta invite. We’re expecting to add initial test users soon with new users being invited daily after that (we’ve had a lot of interest so far, so sign up soon to get in earlier).

Sign up now and share the love. Let’s make the world’s applications more reliable.

John-Daniel Trask

P.S. We’ll be releasing new information regularly as we gear up for public launch. By signing up you’ll get emails about that progress and the cool features you’ll be able to take advantage of.

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7 Responses to “Announcing error handling just got awesome!”

  • Is this tool targeted just at web site applications? I am building a client application and am interested in using something like this for error reporting back to a central database for application analysis.

    By the way your AWS SimpleDB tools looks great. Giving it a try now.


  • Hi John,

    Thanks for your interest. We’re designing Raygun to support non-web apps as well: desktop & mobile will be supported with time. We have a strong team of rich client developers at Mindscape so they’ll be helping ensure support for desktop applications is strong.

    I hope that helps!

    John-Daniel Trask

  • JD – Thanks for the update and that use of Raygun for Desktop and Mobile will be a feature I am looking forward to working with. Doing work with both Windows, iOS and OSX operating systems.

  • Can this hosted with a company firewall?like elmah, within the host iis server?

  • Hi Ganesh,

    No, this is a hosted Software-as-a-service solution.

  • Hi guys,

    Is this bug tracking tool made for developers?


  • Hi Ugesh,

    Thanks for your question. It is a tool to help developers identify and diagnose problems in their software. There’s also a nice easy to use dashboard that can help non-developers appreciate the health of the software (e.g. it could be handy to have a project manager see that bugs are trending downwards, or if there’s a spike, even if they couldn’t resolve the issue themselves).

    We’re also working on adding features to promote unique errors as issues into your issue tracker which may be less developer centric.

    I hope that helps!

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