We’re sponsoring El Guille’s Tour Peru 2012

In November Mindscape are sponsoring not one, but SIX events in Peru.

Yeah, you heard right – INETA Latin America is hosting an event in Peru in a few weeks, and Mindscape are providing sponsorship for all 6 of the locations. A MS MVP from Spain (Guillermo Som, aka. “El Guille”) will be presenting, and is touring Peru to give talks in 6 major cities.

The event is hosted by INETA Latam, and there are many other MVP speakers lined up to present (or ‘expositores’ – that’s Spanish for exhibitors).

Guillermo is the author of a popular Spanish-language programming website, which was started in 1996 . He also:

  • has been a Microsoft MVP in Visual Basic since 1997,
  • has been editor of the journal dotNetManía (now DNM),
  • has written online courses for Microsoft,
  • has given lectures and courses at several universities,
  • is a INETA Latam international speaker,
  • is a mentor with Solid Quality Mentors www.SolidQ.com
  • and is the author of several books both print and electronic on Visual Basic and C #.

You can see why the tech folk of Peru are so keen to see him! He also has a huge following on his blog, and you can catch him on Facebook and Twitter.

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