How to get $799 worth of WinRT XAML controls free

Holy toledo, batman. Windows 8 is here! And our Metro Elements control suite is also about to leave the beta nest.

Many improvements and new features have been added to Metro Elements since we launched the beta in August. As well as a powerful set of chart controls, some of the new features include:

Oh yes, our devs have been busy! BUT, we want to know what you think. How do you find the current controls? How could we improve them? What would you like to see added?

If you’re a keen blogger, we’d like to supply you with a free personal license to our Metro Elements Control suite, for a review of your most honest of honest opinions. You can use the license to experiment with and try out the tools for the review, and to use in your apps, as the license entitles you to the new release worth $799 when it is unleashed.

The only criteria is that you write what you really think. There will be no sugar coating here!

So if you would like to get your review on, email me at, and I’ll be sending you your very own Metro Elements license.

It’s OK to be excited :-)



There’s no shame in it.

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7 Responses to “How to get $799 worth of WinRT XAML controls free”

  • If my wife dressed like that on our wedding night, I would even try the Telerik controls :-(

    Obligatory wedding joke: “A man on parole who is due in court on serious charges asks his parole officer what he should wear in court, the reply is ‘a smart suit, and a good haircut’. For a second opinion he asks the chaplain, and the reply is ‘wear your normal street clothes, be comfortable’. Confused, he asks his grandfather and the reply is ‘Just like on her wedding night, if the bride wears the finest lingerie or her dowdy fleecy pyjamas, the results will still be the same, either way she is f****d’

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  • Haha, thanks for the joke Peter :-)

  • Hi Hilary,

    Is this promo still up for grabs? I’m a independent Windows 8 app developer (in my spare time…) and am particularly interested in the calendar control. I’m more than happy to evaluate each single control.

    Many thanks,


  • Hi Olaf,

    Thanks for your comment! Email me at and I’ll sort out something for you :-)

    – Hilary.

  • Hi Hilary,

    Is the offer still available? I am willing to evaluate your product. It will look great in my app.



  • Hi Gary,

    This offer is no longer available but you can still evaluate the charts with the trial version (it has no time bomb, it just cannot be deployed to the store).

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