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Global Day of Code Retreat. You may have heard of it – it’s all about practicing the basic principles of software development and design without the deadlines, and just having to ‘make do’ in order to get things done.

On Saturday, December 8, 2012, hundreds of open and free Code Retreats will be taking place all over the world (albeit, in varying time zones), and thousands of avid coders will have the chance to focus on the fundamentals of modular and object-oriented design.

Mindscape are a proud sponsor for the Wellington Kiwi Code Retreat this weekend, making sure attendees are well fed – so they can concentrate on writing perfect code for a day.

This full day of focused practice involves 6 sessions where coders work in pairs to improve skills while programming under certain conditions in any language of their choice. The theory of this method is that the more perfect code is practiced, the cleaner it will become in every day practice which minimizes the cost of change over time. Code Retreat’s founder, Corey Haines, explains it all in this rad talk.

You can follow the event here on twitter, using this as the hash-tag #gdcr12.

A big thanks to Amy and our very own Martin for putting this event on for Wellington code-monkeys!

Bring on Conway, and his game of life!

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