Nightly news, 7 Dec 2012

Bring back the command line interface


  • Fix for exception when performing a projection query with paging over a CTI model on SQL Server
  • Added Put/Delete attributes for WebContract routing

Web Workbench

  • Parser fix for issue with incorrect highlighting for inline data values
  • Parser update to correctly handle interpolated variable references being used in value lists
  • Parser update to correctly parse redundant nested bracketing on function calls
  • Parser update to support bang directives on @extend
  • Parser update to improve parsing support for @warn
  • Updated less to latest version from Github
  • Added a global option to turn off automatic adding of compiled output into the project
  • Compile/Minify options are now hidden if the files are being managed by Compass

WPF Elements

  • Added BarSeries.BarRenderingMode property to create Tornado charts.
  • Resolved a DataGrid selection bug.
  • Added ConnectionRelocationInfo.DropTarget property for more fine-tuned control of overriding the relocation behavior.
  • The PropertyGrid.Refresh method now respects the IsExpandedStatePersistent property.

Metro Elements

  • Misc updates to Sample Explorer

As usual the free editions of the nightly builds are available right now from the downloads page, and the full editions from the store.

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