Just Released: WPF Diagrams 3.0!

Today we are pleased to announce version 3.0 of our WPF Diagrams framework is now available. Download the free trial version from here, or if you are a customer, upgrade from your account page. For those who don’t know, the diagrams framework provides support for rendering and editing diagrams consisting of nodes and connections. The framework includes model diagram classes, visual components and controls for adding and editing the various parts of a diagram. The built-in model componenets can be extended to provide your own business logic, and the visual elements can be fully customized to create stunning effects that suit your application.

Flow Diagram

Huge Performance Boost

The main addition to version 3.0 is the immensely improved performance. The diagram rendering engine can now support thousands upon thousands of diagram elements. This is mostly noticable by the dramatically improved loading time. All other operations such as panning, editing and exporting have also been improved for large diagrams.

Large Diagram

Connection Bridges

Another nice improvement to the framework is the ability to render bridges over intersecting connections. Managing the potentially large number of intersecting points has been made possible thanks to performance improvements mentioned above.

Connection Bridges

The connection intersections are always calculated, but by default the bridges are not rendered – all you need to do is switch them on. This is done by using a CorneredPathBuilder which is responsible for taking the logical connection model and generating the path geometry. To use this, you create a new connection style in the usual way and set the PathBuilder to be a CorneredPathBuilder with the IsIntersectionBridgingEnabled property set to true. Below is a simple example of how to do this:

<ms:CorneredPathBuilder x:Key="PathBuilder" IsIntersectionBridgingEnabled="True" CornerRadius="0" />
<Style x:Key="ConnectionPathStyle" TargetType="Path">
  <Setter Property="Stroke" Value="Black" />
  <Setter Property="StrokeThickness" Value="2" />
<Style x:Key="ConnectionStyle" TargetType="ms:DiagramConnectionElement">
  <Setter Property="PathBuilder" Value="{StaticResource PathBuilder}" />
  <Setter Property="PathStyle" Value="{StaticResource ConnectionPathStyle}" />
<ms:FixedStyleSelector x:Key="ConnectionStyleSelector" Style="{StaticResource ConnectionStyle}" />
<ms:DiagramFormatter x:Key="Formatter"
                     ConnectionStyleSelector="{StaticResource ConnectionStyleSelector}" />

Last of all you would set the Formatter of the DiagramSurface to be the DiagramFormatter in the code above.

Other Changes

Like most major releases, there are a few breaking changes in Diagrams 3.0. These changes are all very minor and you can see how to work around them in the Release Notes section of the help docs. One change that will most likely impact you is that we removed DiagramSurface.ShowConnectionPoints property. To work around this, you simply don’t need to set this property to True anymore so it can be removed.

Also, as always, there’s a bunch of bug fixes and general improvements.

Get it now!

You can download the free trial version of WPF Diagrams 3.0 from here. Or if you are already a Diagrams 2.0 customer with active subscription, then you can upgrade for free by going to your account page. If you have any questions about this new release you can drop by the forum.

Happy Coding :)

3 Responses to “Just Released: WPF Diagrams 3.0!”

  • I have a project that is currently still using WPF Flow Diagrams. I haven’t looked into this at all yet and there isn’t any urgency to do so, but do you have any idea about how painful an upgrade it will be to move to WPF Diagrams 3.0?

  • Hello David

    This depends on if you are currently using version 1.0 or 2.0. There were a large number of changes made in version 2.0, so to jump from 1.0 to 3.0 it would be abit of a pain, But certainly worth it. You can post questions in the forum if you get stuck with some of the changes. Upgrading from 2.0 to 3.0 however would be a breeze.

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