Nightly news, 21 Dec 2012

Fortune favours the prepared mind

Web Workbench

  • Visual Studio Gallery updated!

WPF Elements

  • Resolved some bugs in the DataGrid bring-into-view logic.
  • Resolved a minor bug in the DataGrid when using DisplayMemberBinding in conjunction with custom property descriptors.
  • Added DataGrid.IsSynchronizedWithCurrentItem property.

WPF Diagrams

  • Resolved a designer exception.
  • Fixed the SelectedItemsChanged event logic.
  • Resolved a size-to-fit issue on initial load in some scenarios.

Metro Elements

  • Updates to sample explorer and misc bug fixes

As usual the free editions of the nightly builds are available right now from the downloads page, and the full editions from the store.

2 Responses to “Nightly news, 21 Dec 2012”

  • Is there a changelog for Web Workbench update?
    We faced an issue with December update, when our less files compiled differently from previous version. Something with replacing overrided variables…

  • Yes you can scan through the nightly news updates for the specific changes –, primarily this update was a roll-up of fixes since the Compass release.

    Are you able to pop a post on the forum detailing your issue – – and I can try and have a look into what might be going on.


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