Charles Petzold is speaking in LA, and we’re sponsoring the event with prizes!

So you’ve probably heard of Charles Petzold – he’s kind of a big deal! You know the dude that gets referred to as ‘the father of Windows programming, and has been spotted in a Windows 8 basket ball uniform recently…

This well known “Father of Windows Programming” and author of the 6 editions of Programming Windows, among many other publications, will be speaking to our lucky friends at the V_Next OC user group on February 12th. Mindscape are also providing software prizes to the attendees to add to the excitement.

Charles Petzold will be speaking on the exploration of analog vs. digital computation, and of course will be signing copies of his most famous book for his avid fans.

In the area? Visit the vNext_OC meetup group for updates on location, or follow them on Twitter. Getting your tweet on? Use #vNext_OC as a hashtag!   


Charles Petzold will be speaking for the vNext_OC user group!

Not only will there be a legendary speaker, but some pretty awesome prizes (Mindscape software anyone?)!

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