Announcing handle your app errors better! - exceptional error tracking

I’m very excited to announce the general availability of – the best way to record, track and manage errors in your applications!

Raygun is a cloud service that records all your software errors, including a lot of information to help with diagnosing the problems. Let’s dive in and see if Raygun could be right for you.

Do any of these ring a bell?

  • I don’t log any exceptions but I know I should.
  • I log exceptions to a file but I only look at them when somebody complains.
  • I email myself every exception but, honestly, I mostly ignore them now as many are junk.
  • Alex gets the error emails but he’s on holiday this week.
  • I’m pretty sure Jim was being emailed errors but he left the company three months ago.

How will Raygun make your job easier?

  • You get a beautiful dashboard showing the overall health and trends in your software
  • We group similar errors so you’re only working with unique errors
  • We don’t email on every error – only on new sightings, re-occurrence rate changes and threshold changes. Simply put, a manageable number of notifications that you can absolutely turn off if you’d rather check the site only.
  • Raygun records a lot of data about every error. This makes resolving errors easier than ever.
  • Permanently ignore junk exceptions (like those caused by spam bots or broken web crawlers) so you never see or hear from them again
  • Simple workflow for resolving, ignoring or permanently ignoring an error group.

These features have been designed to help reduce notification overload and reduce your time to resolve an error. gives instant insight into app health from the dashboard

Raygun is great for teams too!

All Raygun accounts, from the smallest to the largest, can have an unlimited number of users associated with it.

Raygun also supports multiple applications per account so you can easily track every moving part of your software easily.

Supported Platforms

At present we have support for .NET, WinRT, NancyFX and PHP. You integrate a small component into your software and set an API key and you’re good to go!

Support for Ruby, JavaScript, Objective-C, Java and Cold Fusion is coming soon and already under development. If you’d like to get early access to these providers email us at

A rock solid choice

Application errors can be costing you time and money due to lost sales. We have a team dedicated to the development of Raygun and are already processing millions of application errors every day. Whatever the size of your application and needs we can support you.

Be up and running in the next 10 minutes!

Setting up Raygun doesn’t take long at all. Standard integration time is measured in minutes and you can be logging errors quickly.

All accounts include 30 days free trial of our largest plan so you can see how much better zapping errors can be!

Sign up to raygun for a free trial

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