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Sample Explorer with Raygun

As a lot of you will know, we’ve made 2 exciting releases recently: and Metro Elements. is our error tracking service that you can integrate into your apps using a few lines of code. When exceptions occur in your app, the details are sent to the service which you can view in the convenient dashboard. The dashboard groups the exceptions together so that you can easily see the unique exceptions that are being raised. It also has a smart email notification system. You’ll get enough emails to know what’s going on with your apps, but not so much that it clutters your inbox. has providers for ASP.NET, PHP, WPF and WinRT plus many more currently under development.

Metro Elements is our suite of controls for WinRT app development. Metro Elements includes a sample explorer app that shows off all the controls in action. This app has been published on the Windows Store which is what I’ll be talking about today.

Make Windows Store submission easier with

In the Metro Elements Sample Explorer, I integrated so we can track and fix exceptions if they occur. Doing this ended up having a helpful consequence we hadn’t though of: While submitting the sample explorer app to the store, the Microsoft testers managed to crash the application in a scenario we had overlooked. This exception got instantly logged into the dashboard for the Sample Explorer. Using the stack trace and the type of exception, I was able to reproduce and solve the bug in a few minutes. Half an hour later, the Microsoft testers had finished looking through the app and I got an email saying that it failed because the application crashed. No problem – as already helped me resolve the issue, I simply submitted the updated package again which later passed certification and was published on the Windows Store.

Not only did help save time by sending an error report before the certification even failed, but the way presents the exception data is far easier to interpret than the error dump that you get in the failed certification report. Are you submitting an app the Windows Store? Get – it’s a no-brainer.

If you’re a WinRT app developer, you can check out the free Metro Elements Sample Explorer from here. More information about the actual control suite is found on the website.

We’d love to hear about your experiences with, let us know by writing a comment on this blog.

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