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This week I’m pleased to announce a range of new error reporting providers for — to compliment our existing .NET, WinRT, NancyFX and PHP providers. We now also have providers for Java, JavaScript, ColdFusion and a community contributed Ruby provider.

JavaScript provider

The JavaScript provider integrates into web apps and reports on errors that occur on the client side of your web application. These errors are typically hidden from you, the developer, because you have no visibility of them from the server. The downside is that they can majorly damage the user experience of your application given the rise of JavaScript use in recent years.

The JavaScript provider is ready for you to use but is just a start. JavaScript error reporting support in browsers is, how do we say this nicely, “pretty average”, but we do as reasonable job of reporting what we can. This includes the URL, the message and if the browser supports it, a stack trace. We have plans to improve upon this further with time and appreciate your feedback on the provider as it stands now.

Read more about reporting JavaScript errors to here.

Java provider

Callum on our team has been busy working on adding support for Java applications. We’ve got specific support for Servlets, JSP’s and standard exception reporting. We’ve also had good community response on adding additional support to other parts of Java.

Read more about reporting Java errors to here.

Ruby provider

We have fairly substantial plans for a Ruby provider for Raygun. Justin McNally (github, twitter), an all round nice guy and not affiliated with us at all, couldn’t wait and dived in and wrote a nice light weight provider for Ruby. His contribution can be found on GitHub over here. He’s been using it in his organisation successfully. We’ll be working with Justin to include his efforts with our own and are happy to support folks working with the Ruby provider.

Read more about Justin’s Ruby error provider for here.

ColdFusion provider

Another all round good guy, Kai Koenig (github, twitter), has developed a provider for ColdFusion. He’s put the provider up on GitHub and has offered to maintain that provider. If you’re a ColdFusion developer he’s happy for you to submit things on Github.

Read more about reporting ColdFusion errors to here.

The REST API for submitting an error

We’ve recently published the first cut of our public API for reporting exceptions. This lets you build your own providers for other platforms. We’ve even had people writing specific providers for applications, like Alex Henderson building a plugin for the very cool Enterprise Tester software testing product.

You can read more about the REST API here.


We love that the community has rallied behind Raygun in the month since we launched. We have plans for more providers (Python is not far away!) and can’t wait to see the cool things you produce. Let us know at as it would be great to profile your creations.

If you haven’t added error tracking to your app yet, you can get your free trial here.

Happy coding!

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  • I’m glad to see Kai’s work for ColdFusion represented. Just an editing note– “ColdFusion” is spelled with no space :)

  • Thanks for the tip Brad, I’ve fixed the spelling! :-)

    Kai is great, I’ve had the pleasure of knowing him for a few years and he’s been super helpful in getting Raygun working with ColdFusion.

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