LightSpeed 5 Now Available!

LightSpeed ORM for .NET

The day has finally arrived and we’re excited to announce LightSpeed 5. The worlds best .NET ORM just got even better!

Here’s a run down on some of the best improvements. Keep in mind that the change log for LightSpeed is the longest we’ve ever had so these are just the highlights — there is awesomeness sprinkled everywhere.

Compiled Queries

LightSpeed already had one of the fastest query generation processes of any .NET ORM but now we support Compiled Queries also. Compiled Queries mean that we can side step the cost of query generation almost entirely on subsequent queries where only variables change (e.g. ‘SELECT name FROM user WHERE Id = {ID}’).

Lets take a peek at how this compares between LightSpeed 4 and LightSpeed 5

LightSpeed 4 vs. LightSpeed 5

Pretty impressive! 59% performance improvement in simple queries.

Of course LightSpeed has always been pretty impressive compared to what’s out there. Here’s those same numbers in comparison to Entity Framework.

LightSpeed vs. the Rest

You can see why software professionals pick LightSpeed. It’s not just significantly more efficient in querying, but it is also a lot easier to use and saves you valuable development hours (the many hours saved not shown in the graphs!)

Automatic compiled queries

Compiled queries are a cool new addition. You know what else is cool? When they get applied automatically! We’ve made sure that if you call FindById, for example, LightSpeed will internally create a compiled query so all your fetches by Id automatically go faster.

Along with automatically occurring with FindById, LightSpeed will use this technique when walking lazy loaded collections (e.g. User.Posts would use a compiled query). This means when you’re doing simple things like walking collections you’re going at maximum speed.

More speed, automatically!

First class SQL 2012 support

We’ve included a new SQL Server 2012 data provider. This is great because we already had support for all the modern data types like SQLGeography, HierarchyID and CLR Types and now you can use LightSpeed to natively target SQL Server 2012 including leveraging the new SEQUENCE support for identity generation.

More friendly design surface

LightSpeed Designer

The LightSpeed Designer has been improved to help new users. It will now do nice things like offer to create a KeyTable for you if you don’t have one setup but are using the KeyTable identity type. A common speed bump for new users that we wanted to clear up.

You can also display table data for a given entity directly within Visual Studio. This helps avoid needing to fire up SQL Management Studio or other tool to see your data.

For those of you who have not worked with a Visual Studio integrated designer that doesn’t suck, you’ll find the LightSpeed Designer a breath of fresh air. It has database-first and model-first design support, smart filtering, works with a bunch of different databases and much more. You can read more about designer specific features here.

There are several other improvements to make the designer more robust, provide better error messages and improve database syncing.

Grab it now!

You’ll love how easy LightSpeed is to use and won’t look back. If you’ve never used LightSpeed you can grab the forever free version and give it a test drive!

Existing customers with active subscriptions already have LightSpeed 5 available from their accounts.

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