C# Smorgasbord book: 50 copies to win with Raygun

Our friend Filip Ekberg has written a fantastic book for C# developers: ‘C# Smorgasbord’. It’s a great book so we thought we’d buy a bunch of copies to give out to people for trying out Raygun.

What’s great about C# Smorgasbord?

C# Smorgasbord book

Filip states that the book is great for beginners through to advanced developers. What we like is the more advanced end of the book. There’s plenty of ‘Learn C# in 45 seconds’ style guides out there but sometimes it can be difficult to find a more meaty read. Filip delivers some great content for professional developers.

Here’s an example of some of the chapters:

  • Chapter 1 covers Parallel Extensions
  • Chapter 5 covers async programming with varying approaches
  • Chapter 9 discusses Microsoft IL language in an easy manner and is great for embracing what’s happening under the covers of the C# compiler
  • Chapter 10 looks at the Roslyn CTP, a technology we’ve covered on our blog here before

Getting yourself a copy

Now, you could go out and buy a copy right now from Amazon (it’s worth it), or you could get a free copy from us!

Here’s how to win a free copy:

  • Sign up for a free trial of Raygun.
  • Integrate Raygun with your software – you must be sending data into Raygun to qualify.
  • Once you have errors flowing into Raygun, tweet your favourite feature of raygun with the hashtag #raygunio.

We will select the first 50 users who do this and send you out a copy of Filip’s great book. You also need to meet the terms. Speaking of which…

The terms

  1. Limited to 50 books
  2. You must complete all three steps to qualify for entry.
  3. You must integrate Raygun into a proper software product – no throw away or test applications just to gain entry! :-) We can see the activity of errors flowing into your Raygun account.
  4. The competition will run until April 20th 2013 or until all books have been won – whichever comes first.
  5. Mindscape reserves the right to cancel the competition at any time and void invalid entries.
  6. If Filip’s book is not available or cannot be shipped to you by Amazon we will provide a gift voucher of the same value.

Get going!

What are you waiting for? It takes minutes to integrate Raygun, you’ll get a great book for free and your software will be rock solid for years to come thanks to Raygun helping with your error reporting!

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