Nightly news, 12 July 2013

It has been a busy week at Mindscape and here’s the updates that have flowed out into our nightly builds. Enjoy!

WPF Elements 6.0

  • Resolved a bizarre DataGrid selection issue when calling Window.DragMove.(details)
  • Resolved a bug when setting the FrozenRowCount to be negative.
  • Resolved some binding issues in the HSV color picker.(details)
  • Support changing DataGrid column headers dynamically.(details)
  • Clicking anywhere on the Hue slider causes it to instantly select that value.(details)
  • Added DataGrid.IsToggleSelectAllButtonEnabled property.(details)
  • Resolved a minor bug when dynamically changing the Title of a BarSeries.(details)
  • Padding support in generic MaskedTextBox style.(details)
  • Boxplot support for negative values.
  • Added BoxplotSeries.Orientation property to create horizontal charts.
  • Resolved a rare but critical issue in the physical-to-logical chart conversion method.
  • Improved the MaskedTextBox auto measuring.(details)
  • Added VerticalGridLineBrush and HorizontalGridLineBrush properties for the DataGrid.
  • Added DataGrid.AlternatingRowBackground property.
  • Resolved a minor rounding issue when calculating the minimum value of an axis.

WPF Diagrams 3.0


  • Support IncludeDeleted for joined entities
  • Fixed some Visual Studio related crash issues
  • Added IdentityMethod option for defaults policy
  • Updated the regex used for the ValidateEmail rule to cater for more recent TLD changes
  • Fixed issue with second level caching and composite key based entities
  • Fixed issues relating to adding and removing the same entity multiple times for a entity collection which is operating in a disconnected mode

  • Improved messaging when error information can’t be displayed because it’s still being indexed by our search cluster (only impacts users who would load error information within a few seconds of it being sent to Raygun).
  • Video posted on getting started with Raygun & ASP.NET.

As usual the free editions of the nightly builds are available right now from the downloads page, and the full editions from the store.

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