Essential Web Workbench Updates

I’m pleased to announce that today we’ve pushed a big update to the Web Workbench extension for Visual Studio.

Visual Studio 2013 support

For those of you who live on the bleeding edge, Web Workbench now works superbly with Visual Studio 2013! That’s great for you early adopters but please be sure to let us know if you have any problems on the way.

LESS 1.4.2 support

LESS has been in beta of 1.4.x for sometime and it’s great to see this released. There’s significant additions to the capabilities of LESS and I encourage you to check out the improvements. We’ve rolled support for it directly into Web Workbench so you can compile LESS 1.4.2 to CSS easily.

CoffeeScript 1.6.3 support

While working on updating the underlying frameworks that the Web Workbench supports we spied an update to CoffeeScript. There’s not as much change in CoffeeScript 1.6.3 as there has been in the LESS upgrade, but you can read about the handy bug fixes and improvements here.

Grab it today!

Web Workbench 3.2.972.22809 is now live the Visual Studio Gallery so you can update directly from within Visual Studio. If you haven’t yet experienced the knee-weakening glory that is Web Workbench, you can get the free edition from the Visual Studio Gallery here.

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