Nightly news, 30 July 2013

Developer Notes

WPF Elements 6.0

  • Resolved a minor bug when rendering minor tick marks or grid lines on a DateTime chart.
  • Added PropertyGrid.CanDisplayReadOnlyProperties. (details)
  • Added LogarithmicAxisValueConverter.StartsFromZero property. (details)
  • Prevent dropping a DataGridColumnHeader on a TextBox etc. (details)
  • Resolved a NullReferenceException. (details)

WPF Diagrams 3.0

  • Resolved an issue with rendering dynamically updated connections. (details)
  • Fix for when the thickness of snap line drawings is less than 1. – error tracking

As usual the free editions of the nightly builds are available right now from the downloads page, and the full editions from the store.

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