Nice Web Workbench improvements to start the year!

Here’s a quick list of the improvements and fixes we’ve made to Web Workbench over the past 2 months. All of these are available in the free version which you can grab right now from the Visual Studio Gallery.

Visual Studio 2013 support

We made some small tweaks to Web Workbench so that it now fully supports Visual Studio 2013.

Source maps for Less files

We’ve updated Web Workbench to support the latest version of Less so that source maps can be created when compiling Less files. By default this is disabled and can easily be activated by going to Tools -> Options -> Web Workbench -> Less and set “Produce source map file” to true. This can be a huge help to debugging your web sites.

Improved performance of Compass compile

When compiling files using Compass, we use the Force option to avoid some rare bugs. This has a negative effect on performance if you have a lot of sprites and so we’ve included the option to disable this. If you have a lot of sprites and find that Web Workbench is taking it’s time to compile, go to the Web Workbench options and set “Force Compass recompile” to false. This option can be found under the Compass category. Doing this will yield a significant improvement to the performance.

As well as that, we’ve made some improvements around when we compile file dependencies which has further improved the performance of Compiling Compass projects. No need to set an option for this one.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Outline and indent @include directive blocks.
  • Better handling for locating root folder.
  • Additional logic to ignore errors when compass import not found.

You can get all these improvements right now from the Visual Studio Gallery for free. If you have the pro version, just get the latest nightly build from your account page.

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