Web Workbench 3.3 Released!

Web Workbench is a plugin for Visual Studio to provide Sass, Less and CoffeeScript editing! It includes all the essentials for making modern web development pain free in Visual Studio.

Today we are announcing the release of version 3.3 of Web Workbench which now supports Visual Studio 2013 and includes updates for Sass 3.3, Less 1.7, CoffeeScript 1.7 and dozens of improvements and bug fixes that have been requested by our customers over the past year.

Support for Visual Studio 2013

Visual Studio 2013

Web Workbench has been updated with support for Visual Studio 2013. We released this as a supplemental update for Web Workbench 3.2 last year and we have rolled up all of the associated bug fixes made since that time into this release of Web Workbench.

Support for Source Maps

Source Maps

Source maps are a standard format for providing a mapping between an obfuscated or minified output and its original readable source. For Sass and Less this means that your browser can now tell you exactly which line of your source files each style rule came from and for CoffeeScript you can map back from minified JavaScript to the source line in your CoffeeScript file. We have added options into Web Workbench for each file type to selectively enable this feature, in each case when enabled a .map.extension file will be created along side the standard output.

You can enable these under Tools/Options/Web Workbench.

Sass updated to version 3.3

We have updated our Sass compiler to version 3.3.8 which brings in support for new features and improvements made in the 3.3 release. There is a detailed list of these changes on the Sass blog. To complement this we have also updated the Compass compiler to version 0.12.6.

Less updated to version 1.7

We have updated our Less compiler to version 1.7.1 which includes quite a number of changes since Web Workbench 3.2. You can read more about what has changed since then in the change log on their Github repository.

CoffeeScript updated to version 1.7

We have updated our CoffeeScript compiler to version 1.7.1 which like Less brings the current version up to date since Web Workbench 3.2. You can read about whats new in the change log section on the main CoffeeScript site.

Get it right now

You can update to this version by going to your account page or by downloading it from the Visual Studio gallery. If you have any questions or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you.

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