April + Mega Pack + Half Price = Win

April 2012 Mega Pack Sale

What’s good about April? Four day weekend; chocolate in rabbit format (!?); and a massive sale at Mindscape!

To spice this month up a bit we’re doing 50% off the Mega Pack, normally priced at $999 USD, but until the end of April you can get it for just $499 USD.

Five reason’s why the Mega Pack is awesome:

  • You get all 9 amazing Mindscape developer tools worth thousands, at a great price
  • Included are 12 months of updates, new releases and nightly builds
  • Mindscape products are designed to save you time and improve your productivity
  • New products released for the duration of your subscription are added free of charge
  • It’ll help you be the best developer you can be
Even better, if you want to go for the source code, team licenses or site licenses too, these also receive the half price discount!

Note: This sale is now over



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Lets give this place a lick of paint

Hi there interwebbers! My name is Kyle and I’m the latest addition to the Mindscape Team.

I’ve never had to write a blog post before so here goes!

About me:

I’m a Web Designer, (flash) Game Designer, Gamer, and a Motorcyclist! (best form of travel IMO).

Favorite PC Games: League of Legends all the way across the sky! , WoW(Pandas… seriously???), MW3, Crysis Wars.

Favorite TV Shows: Walking Dead, SGU, Terra Nova, Naruto.

If I wasn’t a web designer I’d be:  A Cosmologist because space is awesome.

Pet Hate:

<!--[if IE]-->
  <script type="self/destruct" src="MOAB.explo"></script>

I guess I’m a bit of a nerd, I studied for two years and learnt the web lingo, now I get to show off my skills in attempt to keep JD happy (as well as figure out what colours actually go well with purple?!)

Now back to work on my marquee text tag jQuery plugin…

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New geek on the Mindscape team

Hola, I’m Hilary and I’m the newest addition to the Mindscape marketing team. It may come as a shock to some that I am:

1.) Not a male, and

2.) Not a developer, or all that knowledgable on the world of coding (I just had to ask what WPF is…).

However, as the newest member to the Mindscape marketing team, I’ll be needing to pick up some inside knowledge fast. Lucky I have an office full of developers to help me out here, so I can add development tools to my odd array of interests (chemistry, cells, Spanish language, gingerbread people).

I’m already excited to crack the developing code (see what I did there?), and understand more about the realm of .Net – so I think that I must really be a geek. I’m aiming to put my communications degree to good use and do some good communicating about what Mindscape is all about – here it goes!

Hasta Luego – Hilary.

Hilary Cook with a gentleman

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Kick start 2012 with this special offer!

Get 9 products for an amazing price

Make building better software your New Year’s resolution by taking advantage of our 30% sale on the Mega Pack.

For a limited time, pay only $699 and you’ll receive:

Plus, you also get:

  • 12 months of new releases, nightly builds and new products!
  • The best support in the business!

Imagine that – a full range of developer tools across WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone, Data Access, Web Development and Domain Modeling for just $699!

So, save thousands of dollars by getting all your tools at once with our 30% off Mega Pack Special now.

Hurry, promotion ends 1 Feb 2012!

FREE: 5 Professional WPF Themes

Everyone loves free things! With the recent release of WPF Elements 5 we decided to beef up the free WPF control pack even more. Now in addition to the already free WPF controls you will find 5 professionally built themes to bring your applications to life.

5 superbly crafted themes
We have poured months of effort into creating pixel perfect themes both for the standard WPF controls and the WPF Elements controls. There’s Office Blue, Office Black, Office Silver, Expression (Alloy) and Expression Light (Alloy Light). You’ll be impressed by how easy these themes are to add to your project and your users will be really impressed at how great the application looks.

Three of five themes

Autocomplete Text Box for WPF

Autocomplete text boxes are great. We’ve made some great additions to this control recently and it will really help bring your applications up a level. Check out the new multi-value autocomplete box support that was included recently.

Autocomplete text box

Coverflow for WPF

Popularised in iTunes, Coverflow is a unique way of presenting data to your users. Beyond just static images and thanks to the power of WPF you will find you can set any arbitrary content as your covers — images, videos, other WPF controls, whatever you want! We’ve seen some imaginative uses of the Coverflow control over the years. You will be pleased to find everything you need in the box to configure the display exactly as you want it to be.


Prompt Decorator for WPF

This control adds a polish to your applications. Want to have hint text on your text box and drop down lists? Say “Search” appearing in your search box but disappearing when the user clicks in it? It couldn’t be easier with the Prompt Decorator control.

Prompt Decorator

Get the free controls with the WPF Elements 5 installer. You’re welcome to use the controls and themes listed here at no charge, with no royalties.

Happy coding!


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