Nightly news, 24 Feburary 2012


  • Subqueries now support projections
  • Subqueries now permit equality comparisons against fields in the outer query
  • Candidate fix for insert ordering issues in class table inheritance (activated by compatibility flag)

Web Workbench

  • Initial support for autocompletion of CSS property values
  • Fix for spurious syntax error if a variable interpolation occurred at the beginning of a selector
  • Added support for lists in mixin arguments
  • Basic version of collapsible outlining for CoffeeScript
  • Fix for dependent .scss or .less files not being recompiled if they lived in different directories from the file that had changed
  • Fix for @page directives

NHibernate Designer

  • Added foreign composite key support
  • Added WCF DataMemberAttribute support for entity properties

WPF Elements

  • Added a DataGridColumn.SortComparer property to enable custom sort behaviour when the user sorts on a column

All these updates are included in the latest nightly builds — free editions from the Downloads page, full editions from the store.

Nightly news, 17 February 2012

Our major updates this week are some great financial and statistical charts for WPF, and Web Workbench 3.0, the latest release of our popular Visual Studio integration for Web productivity languages.

WPF Elements

  • Stock and candlestick charts
  • Fixed a bug with StackedAreaSeries containing a large number of data points
  • Fixed a bug in automatic LabelStep calculation
  • Fixed some issues with the DualSlider generic style

Silverlight Elements

  • Added control over data sampling for very large charts


  • Fix for unbinding nullables

Phone Elements

  • Added SelectedLoopingListBoxItem and ItemContainerStyle properties to the LoopingListBox control

NHibernate Designer

  • You can now drag views on from Server Explorer

Web Workbench

In addition to the major changes discussed in the release announcement, there are a few smaller fixes and enhancements:

  • Fix for error on !default directive
  • Support for @page directive
  • For Chirpy users we now provide guidance on how to configure Chirpy to allow Web Workbench to work with Less files

As always the free editions are available on the downloads page and you can get the full editions from the store.

Nightly news, 20 January 2012

Cripes! Weeks and weeks of updates to catch up on! Here’s what’s new in the nightly builds since the last update.


  • Fix for one-to-one association join chain in LINQ Where clauses
  • Added support for negated boolean expressions in LINQ Any and All
  • Fixed a memory leak with compiled FindById queries
  • Validation errors now provide access to the validation rule instance
  • Include schema in auto-joined tables being joined by an identifier expression
  • Fixed automatic date-time range validation for Oracle
  • Improved support for SQL Server 2008 TIME data type
  • Fixed an issue where a query with criteria on the left and a logical combination on the right could be processed incorrectly
  • Fix for DeletedOn column being incorrectly aliased in update/delete queries
  • Added support for deleting by LINQ query
  • Added Procedure and Scale options to ProcedureParameter class
  • Fix for procedure parameters of user-defined types in designer being generated into wrapper function signatures as object instead of strongly typed
  • Fix for value objects not being handled correctly in batch updates
  • Fixed exception if you put DiscriminatorAttribute on a root entity class
  • We now raise an exception if a SQL Server stored procedure calls RAISERROR (sic: what is this, guys, Fortran?) after performing a successful SELECT (previously only errors raised before the SELECT would cause exceptions)
  • Added a property for migration code to access the connection string of the database being migrated
  • When a stored procedure sets an out parameter to SQL NULL, we now translate this to CLR null instead of leaving it as DBNull.Value (this fixes casting errors in strong-typed wrapper methods)
  • Fix for virtual (non-mapped) discriminators not being populated on insert
  • Entity- and interface-level query filtering (in progress and subject to change)

Web Workbench

  • Collapsing support for non-top-level regions
  • Sass and Less Format Document command
  • Fixed issue in Sass compilation if install path included non-ANSI characters
  • Fixed JavaScript minifier mangling non-ANSI characters
  • Upgraded CoffeeScript compiler to 1.2.0
  • CoffeeScript comment highlighting fixes
  • Comment/uncomment block support
  • Performance improvements when making many deletes from a document
  • Error checking and signature help for Sass and Less built-in functions

WPF Elements

  • Continuing improvements to control themes
  • Fixes for potential issues in TimeExplorer, Chart, ChartAxis and PieSeries
  • Added option for rounding on lost focus in NumericTextBox
  • Added ResetZoom command for charts
  • MajorTickSpacing now keeps consistent tick density as user zooms
  • Added PieSeries.SelectedDataPointChanged event
  • Improvements to automatic bar chart width calculation
  • Fixed error when changing chart highlight mode
  • Fixed an issue with horizontal bar charts using categories along the Y axis
  • Resolved a DataGrid issue
  • Fixed foreground colours not being respected in CurrencyTextBox
  • Fixed potential null reference error when changing DataGrid.ItemsSource
  • Fixed some issues with chart default axes

WPF Diagrams

  • Added TreeLayoutAlgorithm
  • Fixed null reference error in ConnectionPointThumb
  • Fixed a diagram binding issue
  • Fix for a bug that was stealing mouse wheel and scroll events
  • Added an option to turn off infinite scrolling

NHibernate Designer

  • Added support for NHibernate sql-insert, sql-update and sql-delete overrides
  • Added support for stored procedures and named SQL queries

SimpleDB Management Tools

  • No longer need to click away from a row to ensure it is saved

As usual you can get the latest nightly builds from the Downloads page (free editions) or the store (full editions).

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Nightly news, 25 November 2011

This week we have mostly been flinging sheep at each other in a bout of pre-election excitement, but we’ve also shipped a good batch of updates. Here’s what’s in the this week’s nightly builds.

WPF Elements

  • Fix for chart update when an alternate axis is zoomed programmatically
  • Fixed automatic bar chart LabelLayout option
  • Added DataSeries.LabelBinding property for conveniently setting data label content


  • You can now skip initialising entity collections that you’ll never need.

Web Workbench

  • Updated Less compiler to 1.1.5
  • Updated CoffeeScript compiler to 1.1.3
  • Fixed a possible race condition
  • Fix for Sass user-defined function causing highlighting errors
  • Added highlighting for @font-face directive in Sass @mixin declaration
  • Fix for top-level Sass @includes

NHibernate Designer

  • Added public get/protected set visibility option
  • Added policy option for visibility of default identity properties

Nightly builds of WPF Elements and LightSpeed are on the downloads page (free editions) or in the store (full editions). Web Workbench and NHibernate Designer update automatically through the Visual Studio Extension Manager.


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