Nightly news, 5 August 2011

It’s been a busy week with a whole bunch of updates to report, so let’s dive straight into what’s new in this week’s nightly builds.


  • Fixes for a couple of issues with cascading deletes into and through a class table inheritance hierarchy
  • Fix for a join issue
  • Backstop for when an indirect circular association could lead to a stack overflow
  • Optimisation to avoid saving unmodified foreign keys when performing a partial update
  • Ensure that a nullable foreign key is nulled out when the association is nulled out through a cascade delete
  • Designer support for ForeignKeyFieldAttribute on one-to-one associations

Silverlight Elements

  • Fixed some localisation bugs in the scheduler control

WPF Diagrams

  • We’ve added a hook that allows you to keep the same element IDs when deserialising and re-serialising a diagram
  • Added some options to simplify toolbox styling
  • Added an option to the A* pathfinder to avoid parallel connection overlaps

Web Workbench

  • We’ve fixed an issue where some users were getting a “custom tool failed” error after rebooting
  • Added support for functions as mixin arguments
  • Added support for Sass @each loops

SimpleDB Management Tools

As usual, free editions from the downloads page, retail editions from the store, and VS2010 extensions from the Updates tab in Extension Manager.

New versions of WPF Elements, Silverlight Elements, Phone Elements!

We’re pleased to announce a trio of releases: WPF Elements 4.1, Silverlight Elements 2.1 and Phone Elements 1.1!

This point release occurs at the same time as it represents primarily the addition of new charting types across the product line and the sharing of performance improvements across them all. There is also a roll up of individual product improvements in each product as well.

What’s new in all three products?

  • Polar charts including rose charts, radar charts and polar scatter/bubble charts
  • Additional events for interactive chart usage (e.g. DataSeries.SelectedDataPointChanged)
  • Added ChartAxis.MinimumRange, TitleVisibility and LabelStep properties
  • DataSeries.Visibility can be used to collapse a series on the chart
  • Additional performance improvements

We have also rolled up a number of general enhancements – for example basic image support in the Silverlight Rich Text Editor, improved keyboard navigation in the Book and Coverflow controls and new colour palettes for WPF and Silverlight.

This brings the number of overall controls to 45+ for WPF Elements, 40+ for Silverlight Elements and 30+ for Phone Elements. If you haven’t tried these products before but want to create amazing user experiences you can download the trials free from the download page. Customers already have the latest builds available on their account pages.

To whet your appetite, here’s an example application built using WPF Elements charting:

WPF Dashboard built with WPF Elements

We would, as always, love to hear your feedback on what’s new and what you’d like to see in the future.

Happy coding!

Nightly news, 17 June 2011

We’ve been busy this week closing down LightSpeed 4 (soon, we promise!) but does that mean we haven’t been busy on our existing products? Of course we have! Here’s what’s new in the latest nightly builds. Free and trial editions from the downloads page, retail editions from the store.


  • Fix for multiple spurious loads when forcing a load by redundantly setting an association property
  • Fix for presence validation on value object fields
  • Added support for querying the presence or absence of an association from the non-foreign-key end of a one-to-one association
  • Fix for an entity getting a replacement change tracker when you added it to a many-to-many association
  • VerboseLogging can now be set through the configuration file
  • Fix for cascade delete when removing the non-FK end of a one-to-one association to a class table inheritance derived class
  • Fixed an issue with combining Single with Take(1)
  • Added right-click > Add New Entity menu command, for you folks who are too cool to hang out in the Toolbox with everyone else

WPF Diagrams

  • Added support for setting position calculators in code

Silverlight Elements

  • Added radial gauge control

WPF Elements

  • Added radial gauge control

Radial gauge control ported to WPF and Silverlight

A couple of days ago I wrote about how to use and customize the radial gauge control from Mindscape Phone Elements, our suite of controls for WP7. We have been asked if we will create a WPF version of this control and so you will now find the radial gauge in WPF Elements and Silverlight Elements as well. Both of these control suites include 5 themes for the radial gauge to get you started. OfficeBlue, OfficeSilver, OfficeBlack, Alloy (Expression Blend), and AlloyLight.

Silverlight radial gauge themes

You can download the radial gauge control right now through the current nightly builds. For the trial versions, check out the Downloads page, or go to your account page if you are a customer.

This control provides all the basic functionality of displaying a value between a specified range, and animating the needle as the current value changes. If there are other types of gauge controls that you would like us to implement, or if there are features you would like us to add to the radial gauge then we would love to hear from you. Let us know by leaving a comment on this blog post, or come visit our forums: Phone Elements, WPF Elements, Silverlight Elements.

Nightly news, 10 June 2011

Short week down here (gawd bless yer, ma’am), so short blurb to introduce a short list of the fixes and features in this week’s nightly builds. Usual rules apply: free and trial versions from the downloads page, retail editions from the store. Enjoy!


  • Fix for nulling a foreign key not removing the entity from the parent’s children collection
  • Fix for changes not being tracked when nulling a one-to-one association
  • Fix for order by’s not being aliased correctly when there is a sequence numbering alias applied because a parent instance of a table is in scope.
  • Fix for association change tracking not being reset during SaveChanges
  • Added option flag for removing deleted entities from the unit of work after the delete has been committed
  • You can now specify the same grouping key multiple times with different functions applied to it

WPF Elements

  • Fix for a possible negative width error in rose charts

Silverlight Elements

  • Fix for a possible negative width error in rose charts

Phone Elements

  • Fix for a possible negative width error in rose charts. (Did you guess?)

WPF Diagrams

  • SelectedElementsChanged was not always being raised when using marquee select
  • Fix for XML serialisation in cultures that use a different numeric format from the invariant culture


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