October updates – what’s new from Mindscape?

Developer Notes

It’s been a couple of weeks since we last listed changes that have shipped in nightly builds or system releases. As you can see, we’ve been busy!

WPF Elements

  • Resolved an auto-size column bug caused by setting up the columns after the grid has loaded. (details)
  • Copy DataGrid selection to paste into Excel (details)
  • Enabled select-all command for cell selection. (details)
  • Added new chart series implementation: StepSeries. (details)
  • Resolved an issue from using ScrollViewer styles in a DocumentViewer. (details)
  • Resolved a minor axis rendering bug when there is an empty bar series. (details)
  • Exposed the DataGridItemWrapper.Object property. (details)
  • IsChartClipped = false can now be used to render foreground elements outside the chart. (details)
  • Catch clipboard exceptions in DataGrid. (details)
  • Resolved a dynamic axis binding issue. (details)
  • KeyboardNavigation.IsTabStop support for DataGridColumns. (details)
  • Provided a way for a DataGrid to build data models that don’t have public default constructors. (details)
  • Recycle LineSeries paths to help with animations. (details)
  • Added OutlookBar template properties. (details)
  • Resolved a one-time DataGrid rendering bug if the row height is small. (details)
  • Restore scroll position when reloading a DataGrid. (details)
  • Set DataContext of invisible chart selection lines. (details)
  • Visual studio 2013 toolbox support.
  • Minimum and Maximum bindings in DropDownDatePicker. (details)
  • Resolved minor bug in LogarithmicAxisValueConverter where 0 is returned as an integer instead of a double. (details)
  • Bar series can only be side-by-side if they share the same X-axis. (details)
  • Added ThetaAxis.StartAngle and IsReversed properties. (details)
  • Resolved polar axis issues when building a polar chart in a data template. (details)

WPF Diagrams

  • Improved performance of background diagram grids. (details)
  • Null check to avoid rare exception when the window does not have an AdornerDecorator. (details)
  • Resolved a potential ArgumentException in the SnapLineDrawingConverter. (details)
  • Resolved a grouping ZIndex issue. (details)
  • Resolved NaN diagram bounds issue causing scrolling problems. (details)
  • Visual studio 2013 toolbox support.
  • Null checks when deleting a connection during a relocation. (details)
  • Added LayoutOrientation option for TreeLayoutAlgorithm. (details)
  • Improved the position of connection-mounted connections when dragging nodes. (details)
  • Resolved a bug in the FlowDiagramDemo. (details)

Web Workbench

  • Added “Force Compass recompile” setting which can be set to false to work around spriting performance issue. (details)
  • Added support for Visual Studio 2013


  • Added support for Visual Studio 2013
  • CreatedOn/UpdatedOn/DeletedOn are now correctly typed as TIMESTAMP on DB2
  • Added spatial support for POINT types on MySQL
  • Updated the MySQL provider to 6.7.4
  • Support composite keys for sub-select traversals


As usual the free editions of the nightly builds are available right now from the downloads page, and the full editions from the store.

Visual Studio 2013 support

Visual Studio 2013

I’m pleased to let you know that all Mindscape products have full support for Visual Studio 2013!

If you have have an active subscription you can download the latest nightly builds to get this new support. If your subscription has ended, you can renew it to obtain the latest builds.

Some products needed explicit support to work at all (e.g. Web Workbench), while others just have nice-to-have improvements like putting WPF controls into the toolbox for you.

Happy Coding!

Essential Web Workbench Updates

I’m pleased to announce that today we’ve pushed a big update to the Web Workbench extension for Visual Studio.

Visual Studio 2013 support

For those of you who live on the bleeding edge, Web Workbench now works superbly with Visual Studio 2013! That’s great for you early adopters but please be sure to let us know if you have any problems on the way.

LESS 1.4.2 support

LESS has been in beta of 1.4.x for sometime and it’s great to see this released. There’s significant additions to the capabilities of LESS and I encourage you to check out the improvements. We’ve rolled support for it directly into Web Workbench so you can compile LESS 1.4.2 to CSS easily.

CoffeeScript 1.6.3 support

While working on updating the underlying frameworks that the Web Workbench supports we spied an update to CoffeeScript. There’s not as much change in CoffeeScript 1.6.3 as there has been in the LESS upgrade, but you can read about the handy bug fixes and improvements here.

Grab it today!

Web Workbench 3.2.972.22809 is now live the Visual Studio Gallery so you can update directly from within Visual Studio. If you haven’t yet experienced the knee-weakening glory that is Web Workbench, you can get the free edition from the Visual Studio Gallery here.

Web Workbench updated to 3.2.915.22691

Today we released an update of Web Workbench which focused on fixing exceptions triggered by conflicts with other Visual Studio extensions that have been reported by users and also updating the Sass parsing based on user feedback.

Changes of note are:

  • Updated IcedCoffeeScript to 1.6.2
  • Improve parsing to support cases where whitespace is allowed at the beginning of a parenthesised list
  • Improved handling of nested directives within the Sass and Less parsers
  • Improve parsing to support @charset directive in .scss files
  • Improve parsing to support bang directives after interpolated variable references
  • Included FSharp.Core as part of command line compiler to handle cases where this is not natively installed

Nightly news, 1 Mar 2013


  • Suppress code gen of LINQ IQueryable for transient entities
  • Fix issue for C# templates with association fields being marked private when derived types are present, should be protected in these cases
  • Fix for issue with delete cascading of an entity where it was associated with the base entity in a CTI relationship

Web Workbench

  • Fix for an issue with invalid warnings being emitted regarding missing folders on save
  • Updated CoffeeScript to 1.5
  • Added support for Literate CoffeeScript
  • Added an option to suppress warnings about missing folders to Web Workbench options
  • Updated the Visual Studio Gallery

WPF Diagrams

  • Resolved a connection point placement issue caused by deserializing a rotated node.

WPF Elements

  • Resolved a DataGrid auto column size bug.
  • Resolved a bug caused by using Snoop to debug the DataGrid.
  • Resolved a bug calculating the extent of the DataGrid.
  • Resolved an edge case issue in a DataGrid with 1 column and FrozenColumnCount = 1.
  • Resolved an exception when dragging the DataGrid padding column header.
  • Added Minor and MajorRangeButtonsVisibility properties to the TimeExplorer.
  • Resolved a DataGridPager bug.
  • Resolved a bug in LineAreaSeriesBase.GetY when the data includes null points.

As usual the free editions of the nightly builds are available right now from the downloads page, and the full editions from the store.


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