Business porn: the company dashboard

Few people know this, but I absolutely love seeing the dashboard or backend systems of various businesses. Thankfully, in this age of e-businesses they’re becoming more and more prevelant and more and more sexy. I’ve been meaning to post about this in the past but had not got around to it when I spied a hacker news post about the new Panic Status Board. I really recommend reading the thread.

Here’s a collection of dashboards that were linked or discussed. If you click on the image it will take you to the original site with more details and a higher fidelity image.

Panic Status Board

This one is just awesome. Read the thread and the comments – Panic is an absolutely inspiring business in all respects.

Goplan Status Board

Goplan use this status page which provides details about email, commits, twitter comments and the general social vibe about their business.

CulturedCode Status Board

CulturedCode take a slightly different approach – they have a public facing status page that details major company initiatives and how they’re tracking with them. Interestingly, they have also used the approach of showing the status page like the Flight Status displays you see at the airport.

CarbonMade Status Board

The Carbonmade status page show dummy data – I’m not sure if they actually use this internally. It shows some interesting information around users upgrading, renewing and downgrading which suits a SaaS application well. The page linked to is fully interactive and you can drag down the management console to see some basic financials.

My only bad comment on this status board is that it shows a bit too much information – I find I cannot just glance and have an understanding. Having said that, it’s probably great for folks who want to be soaked in information! :-)

What others have you seen around the place? I’d love to update this thread with any more you discover.

John-Daniel Trask

P.S. Yes, we at Mindscape have a web based status board but it’s incredibly basic and I would be shamed by showing it now. It feels like a console app in an html5 world currently! Perhaps after a few more revisions :-)

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