Docking Window / Document Framework


Many WPF control frameworks include window management functionality including a docking framework similar to Visual Studio. This is a very useful way to organize larger applications, and provides a huge amount of flexibility to end users.

While often overkill for small scale applications, when you get to larger applications which need to manage a lot of data and functionality, this becomes very useful.

As for the use case - for us, we're looking to move a legacy application to WPF soon, as will be managing many windows. The current application has hundreds of existing windows. Though we do plan to consolidate this dramatically, and reuse portions of a single window, having a clean way to structure the data but still have flexibility would make our end-result much cleaner. For example, using a dockable window with the property grid control is a very natural fit - allowing a single-window approach, but which can easily allow the user to take advantage of multiple monitors, etc, when available.

Status: New