Grouping / Summary items (totals, averages, count, etc.)

The DataGridColumn.GroupRowHeaderTemplate is great. I'm wondering if it would be possible to have a GroupCellTemplate or something similar on the DataGridColumn. I'm wanting to have a different template for each column and have its content displayed underneath the column (in the cell). For example, I'd like to have totals or averages or both displayed for each column on the "GroupRowHeader" but I'd like the data to line up underneath the column. So one thought would be to have each column control its own cell for when the data is grouped. Then, just as the DataGridGroupingRow has a DataGridGroup and in turn a collection of children (items from ItemsSource collection within the particular group), I'd like to be able to access the collection of items to calculate a total, average, count or perform any other calculation and present the results in the cell. Please see the attached image. Let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks!

Also, along with the previous request, I'd like to know how to best provide overall summary values (totals, averages, etc.). Do I need to calculate those things beforehand and modify the ItemsSource collection? I'd rather not modify the ItemsSource collection. I wonder if we could set a flag to state whether or not we want an overall summary row or not, then maybe the GroupCellTemplate from the previous post could be utilized for the overall summary cells (or provide another template for the overall summary).? I would think that these issues would be very common across your customer base. I know we run into these issues with almost all the grids we provide in our programs. Thanks for all you do!

Status: Completed