Option to compile all (or selected) SCSS files


Working in a team with source control (we use SVN/TortoiseSVN) sometimes you do an update and get changes merged in from another developer who has changed the same .scss file as you. Now the generated CSS file on your machine is out of sync with the .scss file.

At present the only way to get around this is to edit the .scss, do an invisible change, i.e. press space/tab, delete the change and then save. This is tedious and if not paying attention to the log of updates you just got you might not even notice.

In the inital case it would be good if there was an option on the MindScape menu in VS to simple recompile all .scss files. This could be taken further (if possible) such that the context menu for a .scss file in Solution Explorer would have an option to recompile just itself.

As a bonus if a file modification watch could be put on .scss files such that when an update from SVN changes the file it automatically recompiles them given a brief time delay to allow for the case where multiple interdependent .scss files. Naturally this could only work if VS had your project with the SASS files in it open at the time so the first part of this suggestion would still be needed.

Status: Under development