Right Click -> Go To Entity in LightSpeed Model Explorer


Love the product and support! I have a suggestion.

In LightSpeed Model Explorer, add a context menu item for right click called "Go To Entity". Upon clicking this, the Entity in question would be panned into view in the designer.

Why this would be helpful: A lot of the time, starting new projects, the data model is in a constant churn. So my coworkers and I do not waste time rearranging the entities so that they look nice and we can see all their relationships. We generally just keep the LightSpeed default which stacks them left to right, one lower than the next.

Also - because I have manually created through lookups and aggregates, thwacking everything and doing Update From Source is not an option - so when I have new tables created (Today we wrote a validation framework for the app and I had 11 new tables) and drag drop them into some clean space, then things get really hairy and difficult to find.

Having this feature would be super helpful with increased productivity.

Status: New