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Breeze is gaining popularity and gets a lot of attention on the web, especially if we talk about SPAs (Single Page Application) - practically all real-life SPA templates use Breeze. It provides a lot of data services, including client data caching, change tracking, rich LINQ-like queries, navigation between entities, DTO transformations, etc. There is much of info at, so I will not repeat it here.

To provide all these services, server-side involvement is needed, and Breeze supports EF out of the box by means of adding a single simple Web API controller acting like a data gateway. This controller is simple because Breeze server components do a lot of work behind the scenes. It is possible to create other implementations of the same thing using something else than EF to access data, but the amount and complexity of work is likely nontrivial.

Now, it would be really nice if MindScape would do something about Breeze, as Breeze is clearly a product interesting for your target audience (.NET developers developing for web). Also, LightSpeed would get one more point in its favor when doing comparison between EF and LightSpeed. Breeze team seems to be interested in getting more technologies supported too, but I guess they would need to get some help with that (e.g. see and

Status: New