Pie Charts for WinRT

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Pie and doughnut charts are perfect for comparing how data points contribute to a total. These controls feature pop-out selection states when a slice is clicked on, adjustable doughnut radius, missing segments and much more.

Top Features


Slice selection

A user just needs to click or tap on a pie or doughnut segment and it will smoothly slide out.

Missing slice

Incomplete data is no problem - both the pie and doughnut charts can be configured to fill up to a certain angle, rather than the whole circle.

Adjustable doughnut scale

You get an easily tweakable property that allows you to set the 'thickness' of a doughnut chart's ring. This can of course be updated at runtime, so you can get the exact look you want.

Pie and doughnut nesting

If multiple pie or doughnut series are added to an instance of the chart control, they will automatically be displayed as nested charts. Zero configuration!

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