Calendar for WinRT

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This powerful and great-looking calendar control will impress your app's users with its fresh styling. It also behaves in a similar way to the Windows 8 calendar control, so its functionality is instantly familiar to users. Two modes are currently available; month view and year view. The control can be fully styled, including the days. The header, where the month or year text will be displayed, is also clickable- doing so will zoom out to the next level.

Top Features


Month view

This view is a great way to visualize the days of each month. Mouse/pointer hover states are supported, in addition to all days being clickable. They can be styled if you want to place additional elements inside a day. The left and right arrows in the header will change to the next month.

Year view

Year view provides a quick way to drill down on individual months. The transition between views is smoothly animated, providing a rich user experience.

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