Transition control for WinRT

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This content control lets you specify an enter and exit animation which are used to transition the visuals whenever the Content property changes. Any WinRT visual element is supported, allowing you to create rich and dynamic apps. We provide several preset transitions, but you can also create your own custom transitions and even provide logic for selecting different transitions based on the previous and new content.

Top Features


11 preset transitions

The control includes the following presets: fade, slide and rotate, which all can be set to left, right, up or down. It also includes the zoom preset, which can be set to in or out. The Transition control is fully extensible and you can create your own custom transitions using WinRT storyboards.

Custom transition logic

It is easy to set up logic based on the content - for instance, sliding the old content off to the left if a right swipe was performed, and sliding the new content on from the right.

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