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Metro Elements features two great options for displaying financial data: OHLC (open-high-low-close) and Candlestick charts. Both display the same market data for each day across a time span, and you can pick which based on your unique use case. Like all our charts, they can be styled to fit with your visual theme.

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OHLC chart

Open-high-low-close charts display the market movements for each day as a series of vertical bars, with the opening price represented as a horizontal tick on the left and the closing price as a tick on the right. The height of the bar represents the daily minimum and maximum. The bars can be rendered differently if the opening price was higher than the closing price and vice versa.

Candlestick chart

The Candlestick chart provides an alternative way to visualize the same data as the OHLC chart. They can be easier to read as the open and close area is represented as a solid block. Like the above, the points can be colored depending on the day's result.

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