Radial Gauge for WinRT

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Display numerical data in an exciting and modern way with the Radial Gauge control. It comes ready to use with several different example styles, from classic physical gauge to modern Windows 8 user interface themes. Gauges can be completely customized to your needs, including multiple indicators, nesting, displaying the value as digits and much more.

Top Features


A style to suit any app

The samples include many possible styles of gauge that you can draw from when placing a gauge in your Window Store app. All will update with smooth animations, making your data look amazing.

Segment, needle and arc gauges

The control includes three gauge types ready for use. The segment gauge takes one element that you specify (usually a path, ellipse, border or similar) and will repeat it around the arc. When the value reaches a point all segments up to that value will be visible. The needle gauge moves an indicator around the arc, pointing to the current value - the needle is also a path and can be completely customized, along with the numbers, major and minor tick marks. The arc gauge is a smooth, Windows 8 UI-style gauge that looks great in modern apps. All gauges have the ability to choose discrete colors for any value range, or interpolate them smoothly.

Nested gauges, multiple indicators, numerical display, arc angle and more

Customization options are practically limitless with the Radial Gauge. You can show two values in one control by nesting one gauge inside another, and binding them to different values. A TextBlock can also be nested inside a gauge, and if its text is bound to the value you can show the value as text as well as visually with the gauge. The arc angle and start position can be set for all gauge types - from a small 5 to 45 degree indicator to a full 360 degree circle.

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