AutoComplete TextBox for WinRT

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Help end users find what they are looking for quickly and easily. Upon entering text, a drop-down list will appear containing suggestions based on the text that was typed. You can provide custom selection logic to choose what suggestions are displayed.

Top Features


Easy binding

Providing your collection of suggestions is simple and familiar as the control supports standard WinRT/Xaml binding. Just bind the SuggestionSource property to your items collection and the AutoComplete TextBox will display them automatically.

Pluggable matching system

Provide any custom logic you like to control what suggestions are provided based upon the user's input. The control ships with StartsWith but you can add your own easily.

Set delimiter for multiple selections

You can allow your users to select multiple options from the drop-down by specifying one or more delimiters, such as a comma. This is done by setting the MultiInputDelimiters property.

Set maximum suggestions displayed

The AutoComplete TextBox has a property for limiting the maximum amount of suggestions that will be displayed. This is great if you have large collections or wish to contain the control's drop-down list to a smaller visual area.

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