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The chart control in Metro Elements is modular, so you can mix and match the features you need to get your desired effect. All chart types support common options, including legend placement, zoom modes (horizontal, vertical and both), composite charts, events and much more.

Top Features


Multiple axes

Alternate Y axes can be added to charts in order to display different data ranges alongside the main scale, for instance degrees Celcius and Fahrenheit.

Chart events

All charts support the many different mouse and pointer events, allowing you to listen to clicks, taps, hovers etc. From the event arguments you have access to both the logical and physical mouse/pointer position in addition to its state (pressed/released/etc).

Custom axis scale

You can provide a custom scale when you have unique data - the example to the right shows school grade marks (A-, B+, B, B- etc) as labels along the Y axis.

Custom foreground elements

Add any extra foreground elements you want such as the mouse/pointer effect shown on the right. When the mouse moves over the chart, a crosshair visual appears, providing an interactive experience.

Marked stripe grid

Background elements can also be customized, enabling you to add watermarks or other visual elements. The suite includes the ChartGrid control for adding horizontal/vertical grid lines easily, as well as the MarkedStripeGrid to specify certain regions to be filled in with a color.

Multiple selection modes

You users can select points and series in a variety of ways: a single data point, multiple points, one or more series, or disabled altogether. Entire series and bars can also be highlighted when hovered over.

Spline tracing

Line based charts have built in support for getting the interpolated Y value for any given X coordinate. This allows you to place a foreground element that will follow the curve of the line as the mouse or pointer moves over the chart area.

Legend placement

All charts have built-in support for easily changing the position of the legend by setting a single property. The following options are available: left, right, top, bottom, center (inside chart area at top right), none.

Axis label rotation

If you've got axis labels that are too long to be displayed horizontally, just set the LabelRotation property to an angle in degrees to get a much cleaner look.

Large data set

The chart controls continue to perform well at beyond a million data points. Check out the demo in the Sample Explorer project - the level of zoom you can achieve is impressive!

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