Cover Flow control for WinRT

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The Cover flow control provides a rich way of displaying a collection of items. When a user clicks or taps on an item it will slide to the center with smooth animations, or they can drag and flick to zoom through the collection. Many amazing effects can be created as the path direction can be customized (linear from any direction or even a curve), as well as the transparency and 'pop-out' as an item comes into focus.

Top Features


Easy to display items

Items can be ready for display in seconds as the Cover flow control supports standard WinRT and Xaml methodologies. They can be declared in Xaml by creating instances of CoverFlowItem, or you can bind the ItemsSource to your collection as the control fully supports the popular MVVM pattern.

Flow along any direction

You can be creative as you like with the Cover flow control. The classic left-to-right Cover flow effect comes as default, but by providing a standard .NET path geometry string you can create diagonal effects, curves, circles or anything you can think of. The items will travel along the path as they are selected and dragged.

Pop-out and transparency

The control is ready to be used out-of-the-box, but if you want to wow your users with your own effect the control's behaviour can be completely customized. The spacing, scaling and opacity functions can all be set, allowing you to create a unique visual way to display your data.

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