Numeric UpDown for WinRT

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This control adds up/down buttons and functionality, also referred to as a spin control, to our Numeric TextBox. Users can click or tap on the buttons inside the Numeric UpDown to change the value, or if the control has focus, use the arrow keys on the keyboard. You can set the maximum and minimum to guarantee a range, as well as set the magnitude of the change that will be applied to the TextBox's value upon a click or tap.

The SpinDecorator that gives this control its behavior can be applied to any TextBox that has a numerical value, not just the Numeric UpDown.

Top Features


Keyboard and touch support

Users can tap or click on the buttons inside the TextBox to change the value. This allow them to input numbers without bringing up the on-screen keyboard.

Range support

Like the other TextBoxes in the suite you can set the minimum and maximum to ensure the user can only enter a valid number. Once the value reaches one of these values a tap in the direction beyond it will not have any effect.

Set change magnitude

By setting the SmallChange property you can alter how much is incremented or decremented for one tap of the button.

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