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Metro Elements includes the stunning Bar Chart control, which allows you to display your categorical data in a modern and exciting way. It's packed full of features, and if you have a specific type of bar chart chances are this control will be able to create it. Listed below are but a few options and chart types - check out the demos in the trial version for many more possibilities.

Top Features


Simple to use with full binding support

Just bind the ItemsSource of the Bar Chart to your collection of items and you're done. All our charts support many different data types (such as Point and DateTime), so your model can be visualized no matter what data it contains. The suite also includes several helper types to get you started quickly. The controls have been built with modern WinRT, Xaml and MVVM apps in mind for productivity and ease of use.

Horizontal bar charts

Creating a horizontal bar chart is as easy as setting the Orientation property on a bar series. You can also put spacing in between the baseline and the bars for a modern visual feel.


When you need to show the distribution of data, a histogram is a popular choice. Just set the BarSizeFactor property on the bar series to 1 and it's ready to go.

Floating bars

Floating bars are great for showing data where points span across a range, and you wish to display the minimum and maximum for each. To create this, just use a FloatingBarSeries, and bind it to a collection of the appropriate type (one is included in the suite for convenience).

Grouping and stacked bars

The StackedBarSeries is available when you want to display proportions of a whole for several categories. Grouping is used when you want to place the bars of sub-categories together, and is on by default for non-stacked bar series. If they are stacked however, grouping is easily accomplished by setting the StackIdentifier property.

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