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The Chart control in Metro Elements supports the Line Series, which can produce amazing results when displaying continuous numerical data. Both straight lines and smooth spline curves can be created with a variety of options. The line series also supports foreground elements that trace the spline's curve as the mouse or pointer moves over the chart area - a great interactive effect.

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Straight line series

The line series control, as a child of the main Chart control, will display data by drawing linear segments between each of the points. This is great for displaying statistical and financial trends along with mathematical functions and values that change over time.

Spline series

The spline series will smoothly interpolate between the points, producing a rounded curve with a pleasing visual effect.

Stacked line series

The stacked line chart is a good alternative to displaying multiple line series when the sum of points across series is meaningful. The stacking makes it easy to see totals and trends in totals. In contrast to multiple standard line series which overlay the lines for direct series comparisons, the stacked line chart displays values offset from each other to display individual contributions towards a total.

Stacked spline series

The Chart control also includes the above with a smooth spline curve. Both can be easily changed so you can pick the one that will suite the data and your app's theme the best.

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