Area Charts for WinRT

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Area charts are the natural choice when rendering data such as quantity of products sold. The information conveyed is similar to the line series, with the addition of a filled-in region below the line. The area series in Metro Elements includes the same great options as the line series, including spline curves and stacked area support.

Top Features


Linear area series

This produces a classic area chart. The example to the right has data labels enabled; these attach the X or Y value to each point. Like all our charts, the color and style of the area is customizable.

Spline area series

The spline area chart has a smooth, modern look that will impress. Spline tracing, when the mouse or pointer is over the chart area, is fully enabled and produces an exciting interactive experience.

Stacked linear area

This chart places series vertically above each other, and is great for showing the contribution of each series to the whole across time.

Stacked spline area

Another great option for displaying parts of a whole over time, this chart's smooth lines will fit in with any modern Windows Store app.

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